Making the Next Sale: Keenan Gives Tips to Telecom Sales Teams at Vectors 2019

When it comes to accelerating business growth, we all know that sales plays an integral role. And when it comes to selling in the B2B world, the process tends to be long and complex, with many decision-makers and touchpoints involved along the way. 

Unlike consumer product sales, a B2B sale is a whole different animal, and sales representatives need to be fully prepared to successfully win the deal. However, when Forrester talked to executives about the time they spent with salespeople, this is what they had to say:

  • 77% said the reps didn’t understand the issues they faced or how their company’s product could help.
  • 57% said that sales reps weren’t knowledgeable about their industry.
  • 75% said the reps didn’t come in prepared with knowledge about their business.

Numbers like this support the notion that sales training is an incredibly important investment. But, what is even more important, is the quality of the sales training you choose for your team. According to a survey by Sales Performance International, 84% of all sales training is lost after just 90 days. That means you need to be very particular about the sales training you choose, and how you keep the training interesting and meaningful.

The Problems With Traditional Sales Training 

If you want to build your sales team’s success, these are the two major issues you’ll face:

  1. Your sales team needs ongoing sales training to continuously improve and win more deals for your company.
  2. There are tons of costly sales training sessions, seminars, and consultants out there, but you don’t know how effective the training will actually be. Or, if it can be directly applied to the UCaaS niche.

The SkySwitch Solution

SkySwitch has put some serious thought into how to resolve these problems, because we understand that your success is also our success. This is how we solve the problems with traditional sales training at Vectors 2019:

  1. Need sales training? 
    SkySwitch has joined forces with Keenan (Founder and CEO at A Sales Guy Inc.) and he will be a featured keynote speaker at Vectors 2019.
  2. Want to be sure you’re spending money on effective sales training? 
    SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019 doesn’t host your typical, run-of-the-mill training — this is personalized training created specifically for SkySwitch resellers. We’ve chosen Keenan, an internationally recognized sales guru, to teach Vectors 2019 attendees how to apply the gap selling method to the UCaaS industry and win more deals.  

Jayson Jones

VP of Sales, SkySwitch

“Vectors 2019 is all about bringing SkySwitch resellers together and providing them with tools to transform their UCaaS businesses – and sales plays a key role in that,” said SkySwitch’s Vice President of Sales, Jayson Jones.

“Learning how to effectively close deals, and more of them, is instrumental to accelerated growth. SkySwitch believes that Keenan’s methodology of gap selling will resonate well with our resellers, providing them with an excellent takeaway that can be applied directly to their business.”

How Is Keenan’s Sales Training Different?

Keenan has been recognized by Forbes as one of the top 30 social salespeople in the world, and for good reason. His gap selling method focuses on core fundamentals and emphasizes that the salesperson needs to fully understand and anticipate the customers’ needs, all before the customer even realizes their own needs.

This is a proactive approach that cuts down on the complaints that C-Level executives expressed in the Forrester study: that sales reps don’t understand the issues they face, and that sales reps aren’t knowledgeable about their own industry.

At Vectors 2019, you’ll learn from Keenan because:

  • His methodology is a tried and true proactive approach.
  • His sessions at Vectors 2019 will be tailored for the UCaaS industry.
  • In addition to his keynote speech, Keenan will be leading personalized breakout sessions.
  • On top of that, Keenan will be hosting a post-conference webinar for Vectors 2019 attendees to ensure that everyone has retained the sales education and are equipped with everything needed to win more deals.

“Backed by SkySwitch’s innovative technologies, SkySwitch resellers and MSPs have limitless potential,” Keenan said. 

“And with the UCaaS industry forecasted to be worth $79.3 billion by 2024, there’s honestly no better time to be selling UCaaS – especially if you’re selling it the right way. That’s where gap selling comes in, and why I couldn’t be more excited to join SkySwitch at Vectors 2019.”


CEO/President and Chief Antagonist - A Sales Guy

If you’re ready to radically transform your UCaaS sales, then you do not want to miss out on these sales tips developed exclusively for SkySwitch resellers. Come learn from the best at SkySwitch’s Vectors 2019 — we hope to see you there this October!

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