Now Is The Best Time To Be Selling UCaaS: Join Jeff Pulver and SkySwitch at Vectors 2019 To Learn More

SkySwitch is excited to welcome Jeff Pulver, Executive Vice Chairman at Skrumble, VoIP Pioneer, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Vonage, as a featured keynote speaker at Vectors 2019. 

With technology and the UCaaS industry constantly evolving, we are seeing an influx of companies adopting UCaaS and deploying it in their business structure, now more than ever. The increasing state of flexibility and constant advancement of features makes it a primetime for resellers to sell a variety of UCaaS products and services. 

Setting the tone for the technical track is UCaaS visionary, Jeff Pulver. Pulver’s session, Now Is The Best Time To Be Selling UCaaS,” will focus on his experience in bringing new ideas to the world of telecom as he discusses economic, financial and technological trends such as:

  • The beginning of VoIP & concept of Pulver’s “Purple Minutes “
  • The fall of most VoIP startups
  • The rise of national VoIP providers
  • How white-label platforms (like SkySwitch) re-opened the market for entrepreneurs
  • How local providers can successfully compete with national providers

Jeff Pulver, Executive Vice Chairman, Skrumble

“The Clash was right, ‘The Future is Unwritten.’ We are now living in a time where communication services, which were impossible to deliver even a decade ago, can now be both envisioned and sold,” said Pulver. “Today, only our imagination binds us to how and when we communicate. I am looking forward to sharing my voice with the Vectors 2019 community.”

About Jeff Pulver

Due to Pulver’s forward-thinking view surrounding voice communications, regulation and technology, and the result of his past efforts communicating with global regulatory agencies (including The VON Coalition), Pulver became a telecom industry luminary who helped change how the world communicates. SkySwitch is confident that you will leave Pulver’s high-level technical session inspired and equipped with insider knowledge to take your business to the next level. 

Vectors 2019 is a one-of-a-kind conference created by SkySwitch, a white label channel-only platform, for resellers, so don’t miss out! Jeff Pulver and SkySwitch can’t wait to Transform Cloud Communications with you in Orlando this October 27-30, 2019.

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