5 SkySwitch Resellers Explain Why Vectors 2019 Is The Must-Attend Event of The Year

Vectors 2019 is soon approaching and for newcomers who have yet to experience SkySwitch’s annual user-group conference, you may be curious about what to expect.

Vectors 2019 is unlike any other conference you’ll attend this year, with custom content tailored specifically for SkySwitch Resellers, like you, to succeed. But, don’t just take our word for it — five SkySwitch Resellers explain their experience at Vectors and the top benefits of attending.

1) You stay up-to-date on innovative SkySwitch technologies.

“We returned from Vectors 2018 with a renewed confidence in Skyswitch,” Rebecca Schwimmer from Compu-Phone Voice & Data Inc. said.

“It was remarkable to see the exponential growth of partners and an expanded network of knowledgeable resellers we are now part of.  SkySwitch truly came across as a company focused on their resellers by providing cutting edge technology and support that allows us to keep growing.” 

Bonus: At Vectors 2019, SkySwitch will be announcing four new products. And by attending, not only will you be the first to know, but you may also be among the first to use these new products and services!

2) Every single day is packed with valuable content and hands-on training.

“A lot of these guys [at SkySwitch], we’ve known for years now, and they keep pointing us in the right direction,” Andrew Chupa, Vice President of Cloud 9 LLC., said. “So, as far as Vectors, you get a lot of information in a short amount of time — but that’s the best part of it.”

This year at Vectors, we have three keynote speakers that are industry-leaders in their respective fields: sales, technology and business. Couple that with nearly 30 sessions in just two-and-a-half days, and you know you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck.


3) You gain a vast variety of knowledge to accelerate your UCaaS business.

“They’re giving you all the tools in your toolbelt to be successful,” Laura Gray, CEO of Streamliners Solution Group, said. “Whether it’s marketing, sales, all the latest technology or software. They have vendors here, and they make it exciting and fun. This is a wonderful event and I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

Instead of zooming in on one field, SkySwitch believes in a holistic approach that provides you with everything you need to gain the competitive advantage in the telecom landscape.

4) You create meaningful long-lasting connections.

When we spoke to Ethan Farlow, COO of ComTech Network Solutions, he said that attending Vectors 2018 helped him in the following ways:

  • I met other SkySwitch resellers that I could use as an invaluable resource and seek to for technical and sales advice.
  • I got to see first-hand all of the new technologies SkySwitch released.
  • I learned from industry leaders on panels and participated in breakout sessions that truly showcased the great potential that all SkySwitch resellers have awaiting them.
  • I developed a robust technical knowledge on how the entire SkySwitch platform works at its core.

Vectors 2019 isn’t just about the expert-led sessions or training — it’s also about building valuable relationships and connections that you can lean on for support, and for advice to propel your business. Meet with other SkySwitch Resellers and share experiences, best practices and tips you may have never discovered otherwise.


5) The entire conference agenda was planned with you in mind.

“Vectors 2018 was an amazing experience for me,” Mike Reynolds, Director of Level 1 Telecom, said. “The networking was great, and I learned a lot from the educational sessions. Undoubtedly the most valuable industry event that I have attended in a long while.” 

We keep hearing from past attendees that attending Vectors was one of the best decisions they’ve made. Ultimately, it’s because Vectors is planned for a very specific audience: you. SkySwitch recognizes that your success is also our success, which is why we host this event every single year — to make you more successful.

We hope to see you this year at Vectors 2019! Come join the community and let’s transform cloud communications together.

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